The Truth

The Truth

"Every heart has a place for truth spoken in love." Tom Ziglar

The challenge is, not every heart is ready to hear the truth.

Yet, this is what I have found - when you share the truth in love - it resonates and has a tendency over time to find a home.

The truth spoken as a weapon, well, that is easily rejected.

Here is the truth.

You were created for great things.

You have every quality of success already within you.Start today developing the qualities of success within you and you will be one step closer to becoming the person God created you to be.

You have what it takes.

Get started.

You, and your legacy, are worth it.

You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!

Tom Ziglar

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P.P.S. Quote of the Day: "Your faith is important. I have done the math. You are going to be dead a whole lot longer than you are going to be alive." Zig Ziglar