The secret to handling PRESSURE

The secret to handling PRESSURE

Are you under pressure?
Does pressure build up throughout the day?

Have you ever felt like just “one more thing” on top of what you are dealing with will put you over the edge?

If so, you are normal! However, we are not meant to be normal. As Dave Ramsey says, “Broke is normal. Be weird!”

Bryan Flanagan, our top Ziglar Sales Trainer, says this: “Process takes pressure off of the person.” If you know the sales process then you never get lost and you can be confident and effective where you are.

When you create processes and systems to handle your personal and business life, pressure no longer builds up – it moves on through as energy, helping you move forward rather than as a weight that crushes you.

I have a process that takes pressure off every area of my life. It’s called “2 Chairs.” Every day I get up early and have one-on-one time with God. He takes one chair, I take the other. I share my burdens with Him and then I listen. My good friend Bob Beaudine taught me this. This process releases my pressure.

If you are a small business owner, you know the value of having a systemized business. It’s the difference between being a slave to your business or going on six-week stress-free vacations while your business works according to the systems and processes you put in place.

I learned about business systems from Howard Partridge. Howard is Ziglar’s exclusive small business owner coach. I am hosting a webinar with Howard on how to systemize your small business.  It’s free, so I hope you can join us. Register here! 

Feeling pressure? 2 Chairs!

You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!

Tom Ziglar

P.S. Quote of the Day: “There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.” -Zig Ziglar