A life-changing lesson I learned from Dad

A life-changing lesson I learned from Dad.

Many times I saw people come up to Dad and share with him how his message changed their life.

They would then say something like, “I wish ‘Jim’ were here. He is a huge fan of yours, but because of poor health (or life circumstances) he couldn’t be here.”

Dad would respond, “Do you have his phone number? Let’s call ‘Jim' right now.”

In an instant everything changed.  

Right there, in a crowd of hundreds or thousands, a phone call would be made.

“Jim! You are not going to believe this. I am here with Zig Ziglar and he wants to talk to you!”

Dad would then spend the next 90 seconds encouraging “Jim.”  

Here is what I learned from Dad – when God gives you an open door to encourage someone else – walk through it.  

Lives are changed and legacies are created by walking through the doors God puts in front of you.

Somebody is waiting for your call.

You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!

Tom Ziglar