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The Four Sales Filters

In order for your selling efforts to be successful and for you to close successfully, each sale must pass through four filters. If the process breaks down at any of these four filters, a sale will not take place.

You have to sell to the right prospect the right product using the right process and be the right salesperson.

The Prospect Filter

If this person cannot make a decision, a sale will not take place. You must get to the “qualified” decision maker. How do you determine if the prospect is qualified? Ask yourself these questions: is this the person who can make a financial decision? Is he or she aware of the need your solution will meet? Is there a sense of urgency? The answers to these questions determine if the sale can pass through this filter.

The Product Filter

If your product or service cannot meet the needs of the prospect, a sale will not take place. Do you have the right product or service to meet the requirements of this prospect? It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit, but it must meet the essential needs of the prospect.

The Process Filter

If you do not have a prospect-centered approach to selling, a sale will not take place. The process should be one that allows you to uncover existing and potential needs of the prospect. The process must involve the prospect and must engage him or her so that you generate a greater understanding of how your solutions can enhance the current situation.

The Person Filter

If you are not the right salesperson, a sale will not take place. Often, prospects buy the man or the woman before they buy the plan. Did you show up on time, prepared, poised, and focused on the prospect? Or were you running late? Did you forget the prospect’s name? Did you do most of the talking? If that were the case, a sale will not take place.

Once the selling situation passes all four filters, it is time to start selling!  Remember, selling is nothing more than asking and listening. You must learn to listen so the prospect will talk, then talk so the prospect will listen.

Now, go sell somebody something!

This article is an excerpt from the new So, You’re New to Sales book by Bryan Flanagan. Bryan is the Sales Ambassador and the Premiere Sales Trainer at Ziglar, Inc.

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