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Got a Problem? Find a Problem!


Many years ago, Dr. Karl Menninger of the world-famed Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, was asked the question: "What would you do if you feared that a nervous breakdown was coming on?" Without hesitation Dr. Menninger said, "I would find somebody with a bigger problem and get involved with helping him solve his problem; in the process I would forget about my own."

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Is it a Problem—or an Opportunity?

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He's a Typical Salesman


I'm certain you've heard that phrase used many times.  Almost without exception, it refers to an outgoing, personable, gregarious individual who is a veritable chatterbox.  In reality, that stereotype no longer fits the sales profession, if it ever did.  Actually, there is no such thing as a "typical salesperson."  Sixteen-year-olds can be exceptionally good at selling and 80+year-olds can be sharp and effective.  They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and they can be either male or female.

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You Never Graduate From Selling!

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5 Warning Signs Your Sales Opportunity Won't Close


Hope is rampant in sales. We need it to keep going - but we also need to avoid being fooled by false hope. The longer a deal stays in your sales pipeline, the less likely you are to ever close it, even if your prospect claims that he or she desperately needs your offering. 

Purging your pipeline regularly keeps you honest with yourself. To do so, get in touch with your long-term prospects to see what's happening. Find out if they're still serious about making a change, and if so, realistically when.

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Selling In the Corner

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My Fear of Failing and How I Deal With It


Like many sellers, I look calm, cool and collected. But underneath that exterior, I've often felt far differently. If you really knew me, you’d know that I’ve worried about many things, including:

•    Meeting my quota.

•    Succeeding in a new sales position.

•    Giving an important presentation.

I’ve fainted in sales calls. Once I even dropped 10 pounds in the month following a promotion to major account sales. I was so sick to my stomach that I couldn’t eat. (Not a good diet!)

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Words Decision Makers Love to Hear


Decision makers don't care about your product's speed, specifications, or efficiency. They don't care about the wonderful methodology you use.

Your offering is simply a tool. They care only about the results your offering delivers for them.

Buyers are particularly attracted to phrases that are linked to their business goals and objectives. Start speaking in these terms and you'll definitely attract their attention:

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4 Critical Questions to Outsmart Your Sales Competition


What if you were at risk of losing your best customer?

It’s time to get your thinking cap out again. I’m here to stretch you out of your comfort zone so you can see things in new ways. Today we’re going to look at your very best customer – the one you love working with and who contributes a fair share to your income. Got it?

Good, because now I want you to put yourself in your competitor’s shoes. You want this account really badly. And you know who’s currently got the business.


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