What if you were at risk of losing your best customer?

It’s time to get your thinking cap out again. I’m here to stretch you out of your comfort zone so you can see things in new ways. Today we’re going to look at your very best customer – the one you love working with and who contributes a fair share to your income. Got it?

Good, because now I want you to put yourself in your competitor’s shoes. You want this account really badly. And you know who’s currently got the business.


In my early days of selling, prospects would occasionally ask why a deposit was required. The usually acceptable explanation was that making a deposit was an act of good faith. I would go on to explain that since the company had to make an investment in packing and shipping the merchandise, the managers needed to know for certain that the customer was serious about ordering.


In the quest for the right attitude you can’t discount the importance of your physical health. Incidentally, it is impossible to separate the physical, mental, and emotional (spiritual) aspects of attitude. I’ll spend more time on the physical because most salespeople neglect this area. A number of superb books give you a considerable amount of information on the subject.


Now let’s cover one major objection that can be more effectively handled by properly using your voice. This objection is encountered by virtually every salesperson many times during the course of his sales career.  All of us encounter, on a regular basis, the prospect who suggests directly or indirectly that the price is a little out of line or that the product is ridiculously and unreasonably overpriced.

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