Show #362: Being resilient and taking big steps

Show #362: Being resilient and taking big steps

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In this show we have something new. Zig devoted his life to helping others get what they wanted. To helping them rise higher. He believed more for them, as blessed children of the Creator. And you are here to believe, truly, in your ability to achieve more.

The reason Zig is the icon and legacy of human achievement is because he got results. The testimonies to his work and success in people’s lives are second to none on the planet.

Today, we’re going to bring you one. And folks, I literally don’t know what’s in store. I just got an email from Tom Ziglar saying, “I would like to have a special guest on the show to talk about his Ziglar Legacy Certification experience and what he plans to do with it.”

Our guest today had a dream. He achieved it. Then realized he’d “lost his passion for the game.” So at the top of his game, he walked away. Today he just signed a deal for a new game that more aligns with his core calling. This is a real-world story that will resonate with you!

So Jahbari McLennan, from Arkansas, let me tell you what I know of him and his background. Then I’m bringing him and Tom Ziglar onto the show to find out where Jahbari is going. Which, again, I will be hearing as candidly as you will.

Jahbari says, “I have played sports for the first half of my life. I was able to earn a football scholarship to Arkansas State University, after attending two community colleges. Football was my life, and I trained hard to be able to go and make it to the NFL. Well, God had different plans for me as I chose to walk away from football and pursue a career in the business world and be a husband. This decision bought me to tears at the moment, because I never saw my life without making it in football. I was dating my girlfriend at the time, who is now my pretty lady of four years; she is also a ‘decided redhead.’  

“I can’t remember how I first heard of Zig Ziglar, but I will never forget the first quote I heard from him, ‘You are where you are and what you are because of what’s gone into your mind; you can change where you are and what you are by changing what goes into your mind.’ As Dad would say (TOM said I could call Zig, Dad), that was a profound moment for me. When I first heard that quote I was selling knives for Cutco. As time went on, I became very interested in how I could change, so that would always lead me back to that quote and Zig Ziglar. Searching for more of his material I found the podcast, which was before your time Kevin. I love listening to those 5-10 clips they played. 

“Then months down the line, Kevin, you started to come on and you issued a self-talk challenge. At that time, I heard Zig talk about the importance of a healthy self-image. Also, Kevin, you said you were going to do it as well, and so I signed up. 

“Well, that’s when my world started to change dramatically. I was so sold on everything I was telling myself in the mirror, I ordered a few cds and See You at the Top. I literally did everything Zig told me to do in that book, and still can see the benefits today. It kills me, because I can tell you more but I am trying to keep this email short. Would you like more?”

To which I replied…yes please! More!

“Back in my football days I always had a goal to play collegiate football, and I even told my mom that she would not have to worry about paying for me to go to school because I was going to get a scholarship to a Division 1 college. Coming out of high school my heart was truly broken, as I had only two offers, which was a community college and a small school somewhere in the Dakotas. Well, I was a man of faith and chose to view my situation in a positive perspective, understanding that I could still go to a D-1 school from the community college. I prayed for a mentor to help me understand the game of football more. Terrence Murphy, a legend at Texas A&M and an NFL draft pick to the Green Bay Packers, became my coach the second year in community college. He not only taught me a lot about football, but also about my faith. How you don't have faith only on Sunday, but every day of the week. That was huge for me, because I had never had that kind of example in my life. After his help and my hard work, I earned myself a scholarship to a D-1 school, and guess who we first played? Texas A&M! I can send you a clip on how I messed up and made up for that game and helped us win.

“There are many other great football stories from my playing days, like the third degree concussion I had in just my third game at Arkansas State. I tell you this in depth because football really shaped the person I am today, but also taught me a lot about much hard work.

“All along I never felt a peace of mind from God, and I was fighting Him for years, trying to make football my calling. When I chose to give it up, it was through a lot of praying and talking with the right people. I kind of lost myself there for awhile, until I ran across Zig's materials. A fire burned deep inside of me, and I started to find the real me. I can tell you with no fear of error (that’s a Zig line), I love who I’ve become now and am also excited to speak and help others be better and more positive individuals. 

“I love Zig because he was never ashamed of his faith and he always talked about his wife. I love my wife more than words can explain, and relate with him in so many other ways! Anything that Tom says to me brings so much joy because I feel like I am talking to Zig! I am overwhelmed with joy because I am able to wear a gold pump when I speak. That means more than any football scholarship, because I am a part of something bigger than football, which is how I see it. We get a silver pump before we get our gold pump (“prime the pump”) pin. I wear my silver pump at my day job as a reminder that every day I am working towards my dream.”

Jahbari goes on to say, “I have been in the world of sales since I graduated from college. I started with selling Cutco knives door to door, and I am currently selling automobiles.”

So folks, I’m going to bring Jahbari and Tom Ziglar into the show, and we’ll find out what is transpiring for Jahbari as he aims for the top!

So Jahbari. I was intrigued from the very first email you sent me about your story, and based on Tom’s desire to have you on the show…curious to hear what you are aiming for.

Before we get there, and without giving away the punchline of Jahbari’s coming future, TOM, tell me about your time with Jahbari during the Ziglar Legacy Certification course.

Hear Tom’s reply and the entire show, right here!

Jahbari, thank you for giving us your time today. So I welcome you to the Ziglar Show, but have to start off asking… you played Texas A&M and said you could share how you messed up and made up for the game and helped them win. Share the story with us!

>> Listen to the show.

So, I can attest to a pursuit of athletics. My sport was cycling. I had my sights on The Tour de France. I went to Europe and raced for a Dutch team, competing in the amateur classics. One of the premier riders on the premier team at the time, Panasonic, who was our mentor team, said of all the riders on the amateur team, I was the one with the talent to go pro.

I turned pro in the states at 21, and had some decent successes. But I never fully devoted myself, and in the few times I had big successes, there seemed to be something that sabotaged it. On one hand, nothing would be worth me not being exactly where I am now. On the other hand, I’m not one who believes in “no regrets.” I DO have regrets. I wish I’d made more of my opportunities.

And now, when I see bike races, it gets my blood boiling. I know I could have been…great. Greater. Even though I’m at peace that it wasn’t for me, ultimately.

So Jahbari, even in deciding to go a different route, I imagine there is still longing and pain in watching football, and probably always will be? Yes?

>> Hear Jabari’s reply now.

What then led you to making a decision not to go after it? Winston Churchill is famous for his quote. “Young men, never give up. Never give up! Never give up!! Never, never, never-never-never-never!"

But I take that to mean never giving up on your ultimate purpose and conviction, which is bigger than one ROLE. My friend Gary Barkalow, who wrote the book, It’s Your Call – go get it now at Amazon, It’s your Call by Gary Barkalow, or go to his site at -- anyway, he says that so often we take a calling or purpose and try to encompass it in a role. Being a husband is a role I fulfill. So is being Daddy. And CEO and owner and host of The Ziglar Show. My calling is bigger than a role.

So we never give up on our calling, though we may give up on a role. Is that what you discovered, Jahbari? Football was a role that you realized wasn’t the vehicle for your ultimate calling?

>> Listen to the show to hear Jahbari’s response!

OK, so ZLC. That is a big, big investment. What was the catalyst that motivated you to take action and enroll?

>> Hear what Jahbari says about that….

What was the main thing you got out of it?

>> Listen to the show to hear Jahbari’s answer.

So now, what are you going to do with it? Where are you going with it?