Show #317: Handling what happens to you

Show #317: Handling what happens to you

Today’s show topic is “Handling what happens to you.” No matter who you are and what you believe, there are things that happen to you…that you can’t control. And wisdom is not being Pollyanna about it. Wisdom feels it. Feels the trial…the pain, heartache, betrayal, fear, abandonment and the weight. Wisdom is not denial. But then wisdom strives to overcome, strengthen and grow.

That’s what were going to discuss today after hearing, in my opinion, one of Zig’s most powerful messages. Not the most popular! But one of the most powerful. It’s a 13 minute clip.

And folks, we’re a business. The reason Zig was able to reach so many people and influence over 250 million people for the better was because they paid him! They paid him to deliver his messages and teach his principals.

Today at Ziglar, there are two primary resources you can use to change your life for the better…today.

One is the Ziglar Legacy Certification course >> << A 5-day, intense training in the Ziglar principals and resources. You’ll leave with your life transformed, and the Ziglar team and brand endorsing you as a Ziglar trainer. It’s at the Ziglar HQ with the entire team and family. This is only for the radicals, in truth. People like Glenn Keller, a trucker who attended. What was just one of the benefits?

Glenn attended last August, 2014 and in September 2014 he made some lifestyle changes. Counting calories, eating proper portions and eating healthy. He lost a total of 92 pounds & went from a 56" waist to 42 " waist and he now says the 42" pants are getting too big! His blood pressure is better than he can ever recall. The ability to move around without the labored breathing is a big benefit and with the new energy and vitality, the benefits seem endless. He says “I can't even measure what it did for my personal self image and esteem.”

You can find Glenn on Facebook here: Now what is he doing? Leading and inspiring others as a Ziglar Legacy Certified trainer.

ZLC is not a weight loss clinic! But those who come finally find the needed motivation, training and support to change their lives, and others.

It’s making a significant investment and commitment to massive life change. Becoming a player instead of a spectator. That sounds grandiose, but it’s for real. We have more people living life vicariously through a screen. Is that enough for you? is that your legacy?

If not…

Before we go to our message from Zig…

Tom Ziglar - You were a an accomplished collegiate golfer with your sites on going on tour, and you just played in your first tournament in…a long time. Tell us what you learned.

> Hear Tom’s response in the show below


From Zig’s message: “Regardless of the economy, there are some people who don’t pay any attention at all to it.”

Kevin: During our last recession, our friends at Saddleback Leather company, selling incredible, but very high priced and not necessarily essential leather bags, increased there sales by millions? Why? People, no matter what, buy what they value.

in some ways, tight times show us people’s true values. It shows where people invest. And when I say tight, I don’t just mean financially. You may be tight in regards to…hopelessness, depression, addiction, numbness. Where then…will you invest? Medicating with entertainment, food and drink, or investing in your life?

Zig said, “When the economy is absolutely magnificent, there are a bunch of folks going broke. When the economy is horrible, there are people getting rich.”

Kevin: It’s not to minimize hard circumstances, but to showcase who overcomes them, or is overcome by them. Isn’t this why we watch epic movies, or sports? To see who has the stuff. But when do we measure ourselves? Require of ourselves? Who are we accountable to, to overcome? Family, God, ourselves? I was tempted to let that be Rhetorical, but…

Tom - How do you feel about that piece of the equation…what we require of ourselves and who we are accountable to? We’ve become a very isolated, individualized culture. Do you see overcomers having more accountability with others and therefore..more required of them?

> Hear Tom’s response in the show, which includes him sharing study that showed what would have caused 70% of men who had affairs…not to.

Zig’s key points in this message:

  1. You do have a choice, you can do something now about your life making it either better or worse. And…
  2. It is not what is going on out there. There is little you can do about what’s happening out there, but there is a lot you can do about you and your future. It’s what goes on between your two ears,
  3. It’s not about what you’ve been given, it’s about what legacy you choose to leave
  4. It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle what happens to you that is going to make the difference

TOM - So it seems to culminate with…you will have bad, hard things happen to you. You will…be a victim. Some far worse than others. We have both been privy to people with very, very harsh realities. Some who have been overcome by them. Some who have overcome. Like the world class leaders who had such harsh realities, we wonder…what was the difference maker? If we knew for sure, we’d have the holy grail. But we don’t. Is it all just left up to personal decision Tom? Sounds simplistic and hard to accept, even if it’s true.

> Hear Tom’s answer in the show

TOM - What about our friend Simon Sinek who wrote the book, “Start With Why”, which, if you haven’t seen his TED talk…go watch it now. Is this…where the crux is? Those who overcome simply have a why? And if that’s true, then doesn’t it make our foundational pursuit to find our why? On many levels? Big and small?

> Hear Tom’s answer in the show

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