The title of this blog might seem a little strange and some readers will undoubtedly think to themselves, "That simply is not true.  Those are things which are extremely valuable and cannot be bought at any price."

I beg to differ as I look at some of the words of George Matthew Adams.  He said that "we always buy our friends.  Not in any material sense, but we pay in pleasantness, sincerity, warmth of heart or an inspiring personality. These are things which are not matched in mere money measure.  They're the quality of people, something of finer design and workmanship than the most exquisite spun wool or even threads of gold."

To this I would add that we buy love by giving love.  It's true that what we send out is what we get back.  As you sow, so also shall you reap.  Surely you've noticed that when you greet people with a pleasant smile and a cheery, "Good Morning!" you're far more likely to get that back in return.  When you ignore people you're likely to be ignored.  When you treat them in a grouchy, discourteous, unkind way, you're far more likely to be treated in the same way.  You "buy" loyalty be being loyal; you "buy" friendship by being a friend; you "buy" hope by giving hope, etc.  As you think about it you will agree that no person is happy or has friends or love who, in the truest sense of the word, is not a giver or "seller" of the things I mention.

The bottom line is that in life you really can buy friends, happiness and love.  Give it a try and I'll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Zig Ziglar is known as America’s Motivator.  He authored 33 books and produced numerous training programs.  He will be remembered as a man who lived out his faith daily