Show #316: Zig on self-employment

Show #316: Zig on self-employment

For those of you who are self-employed…and those who desire it, I’ve got a treat for you. Below is a 7-minute interview with Zig on self-employment. You can listen to the audio, or watch the video clip. The interview was with…me, Kevin Miller. It happened in July 2010.

The topic of self-employment is actually why I work with Ziglar today and host this show.

All I’ve ever known is self-employment. I came by it naturally, as my Dad was what you’d call a serial entrepreneur. He never worked for anyone from the time I was born. Business was part of our family makeup. When other kids were playing around the neighborhood on Saturdays, I was often working with my Dad in his businesses. Many of you will know of him, Dan Miller, bestselling author of 48 Days To The Work You Love.

My Dad raised me on a steady diet of Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy and others.

I started my first real business out of my parent’s garage, tinting windows on cars. In 1985 I could buy a roll of window tint for $100 and complete 5 cars at $100 each. While my friend were making minimum wage of $3.35, I was making $30-$50 per hour. It paid for my bike racing.

I started multiple businesses, some successful, some…tragic failures. I love finding opportunity for great ideas.

This led me to doing business consulting, mostly in regards to marketing, with a focus on branding and positioning.

But I always had a heart for people who were in unfulfilling work and dreaming of doing something with meaning, and creating wealth of spirit and money.

It was actually through some work with my Dad that led me to launching Free Agent Academy in 2009, and this is what got me involved at Ziglar. I got to know Tom Ziglar and he invited me to host his Success 2.0 Show in July of 2010 to talk about self-employment. We stuck up a friendship and he had me on again in Sept. 2012. Not long afterwards he visited my home for a few days and my family came to know and love him.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014, and we were talking about the direction Ziglar was going now that Zig passed away, and he invited me to come help steer the Ziglar brand and grow some areas of business. I’d been podcasting successfully for many years and seeing the Ziglar podcast had gone dormant, this was a first area of business. Today we’re flattered to see the show growing by 20,000 downloads per month and firmly seated at the top of the iTunes Business Podcast charts.

So on that note, let’s hear Zig talk to us about self-employment in this interview I was so honored to do with him. For those desiring to pursue self-employment, I invite you to check out Free Agent Academy. It's a $45/month membership. Enter 'Ziglar' in the coupon code to take 50% off the first month's membership and see if it's for you!

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