Show #309: Building Trust – with John Lee Dumas

Show #309: Building Trust – with John Lee Dumas

The principles of building trust don't change. But the vehicle and strategy of how you do it in today's online

To find out the keys to success here, we simply sought out one of the best: John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire fame. John is hands down one of the most prolific and influential voices in business today. On one hand, it seems he's had a golden touch with his effort. But on the other...he's done his homework and paid his dues.

In this inspirational, educational and equipping podcast, John shares his personal experience with Zig Ziglar and the impact Zig's message had on his life. And how he's taken the time tested principles of trust and applied them in the online world. We offer this to you as a gift...and know it will be a profound resource for Ziglarizing your life!


After a career in the army and some forays in business, in June of 2012, John says, “The idea to inspire was sparked” and on Sept. 12, 2012 he started daily podcasts interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs.

The show was a great success (and understatement!) and in early 2013 John began taking on show sponsors. That along with other revenue streams, many around teaching others to podcast, saw him achieve a net income of $100,000 in the month of Dec. 2013. In Dec. of 2014, he netted $298,146! As a guy teaching others how to do build a business podcasting, John posts the details of his income online for all to see. This typifies the transparency of who John is, and his authentic desire to serve people and pay it forward.

Here are the questions we asked John, listen in to hear his answers that will inspire and equip you:

  • Share with us how the Ziglar message has impacted your life
  • You began Entrepreneur on Fire after, “The idea to inspire was sparked”. Now you spend each and every day talking with people who are inspiring others, and people can’t get enough of your show. How do you handle drinking out of such a massive firehose of inspiration?!
  • We know trust is the #1 commodity to have in business and in life. John, people listen to your show because they trust you. Sponsors pay you because they trust you. Students fill up your podcasting classes because they trust you. It’s easy to just think you must “have the gift”, but I’m betting you’ve learned a thing or two about building trust. Will you share with us?
  • Before the online world started, trust was built face to face where all the nuances and subtleties of body language and inflection were the name of the game. Now we’re doing business online. How do these things happen online?
  • Zig said, "If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they'll do business with you." Social media, blogging, podcasting…can feel very much like a popularity game. You can do a crazy stunt that will gain massive exposure. But…it doesn’t mean people trust you and as Zig says, will do business with you. What’s the balance between gaining attention and gaining trust?
  • Even with the best of intent, I’m sure there are some primary ways that people erode trust in their online efforts. Can you highlight a few for us?
  • Aside from inspiring hundreds of thousands of people, you’ve literally helped thousands of people in their podcasting efforts. In the name of shameless self-promotion, please…tell us what’s happening in your business that people can participate in?!

In classic John Lee Dumasesque style, John simply offered free gifts:

Go...take advantage of these resources. You have the ZIGLAR endorsement here.

And...listen to this podcast. Learn to harness the trust of Zig Ziglar in today's online world!