Do I really matter?

Do I really matter?

Have you ever asked yourself the question:
Do I really matter?

Answer: YES, you do.

You have incredible power within you and untapped potential that, when released, can change the world.

Have you ever set up dominoes in a row and then tipped them over? The first knocks over the second, the second knocks over the third, and so on.

Did you know a domino can knock over another domino 50% bigger than itself? A two-inch domino can knock over a three-inch domino. A three-inch domino can knock over a 4.5-inch domino. Keep going and just 30 dominoes later you can knock over the Empire State Building!

A single mom with a fifth-grade education in the heart of the great depression raised a boy who became Zig Ziglar. By knocking over one domino (my dad), my grandmother impacted millions.

What domino are you going to knock over today?  

You matter.  
A lot.

Do you want to be strategic about knocking over the dominoes of life that really matter? You should check out our Ziglar Legacy Certification program. In this course we equip you to teach Zig Ziglar’s legendary programs.  

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One last thing.  
You have what it takes.
You have the power of life in your words.
Tell someone you love right now that they matter.
That they changed you – for the better.
Your gratitude will knock over dominoes that you can’t even imagine!

You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!

Tom Ziglar 

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