Congratulations! You now have permission.

Congratulations! You now have permission.

Congratulations! You now have permission to dream. I am giving it to you. No charge at all.

Question: Have you given yourself permission to dream?

I am talking about really DREAMING BIG.

Do you realize that no one is responsible for your dreams but you? Not your family. Not your friends. And certainly not the government.

Read this next sentence out loud.

“I am ridiculously in charge of my dreams.”

How did that feel?

Are you ready to get started? Great!

The fast-start Dream Achievement list:

  • Give yourself permission to dream.
  • Visualize yourself achieving your dreams.
  • Write them all down – no judgment.
  • Prioritize them and turn the dreams into goals.
  • Work on them daily.
  • That’s it. You have my permission.


You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!

Tom Ziglar

P.S. Quote of the Day - “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” -Zig Ziglar

P.P.S. I believe the greatest Dream Achieving Tool in the world is the Ziglar Performance Planner. The Performance Planner helps you turn Dreams into Goals, and Goals into reality. Check it out here: Link –

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