Dear Friend,

I have heard it said that an average company with a lot of momentum succeeds beyond its ability, and a great company without any momentum performs average, at best. Momentum creates opportunity and success.

Our personal life is the same. Once you get on a roll, it’s easier to keep on rolling. Eating right, exercising, reading, self­development, etc., are all easier to keep going than they are to start.

So how do we get started? Start with a goal. What do you want to accomplish in the next 90 days, year, etc.? Then ask yourself the question:

What does success look like?

Now create a movie in your head. Imagine yourself as the star of the movie and you are experiencing the success of your goal. You finished the book. Lost the weight. Ran the race. In your mind, play the scene over and over again. Feel it. Taste it. Smell it. Hear it. See it.

Now write the goal out in detail.

Practice BAAM!

BAAM stands for Block And A Mailbox. Dad made this concept famous in the book See You at the Top. Dad had a weight loss goal, and he decided he was going to start jogging to help lose the weight. Problem was, he was not in good shape.

After getting checked out by a doctor he started his plan. The first day he jogged, he ran a block. The second day he jogged, he ran a Block And A Mailbox. The third day he jogged a block and two mailboxes. You get the picture – every day he added a little bit more distance.

How do you create momentum in your life?

Set a goal.
Write it out in detail.
Make a movie of it in your head.

Keep the streak alive. Every day review your goal and record what you did to move towards it the previous day. Play the movie in your head. Each day do a little bit more – add time or intensity or knowledge.

You can do it.

You are Born To Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!


P.S. Today is Day 14 of my 66 Days of Gratitude. Today I am grateful for homemade hot sauce, walking my dog, Max, and hiking in the mountains.