Show #343: Get Intentional With Your Attitude

Just think positive? Really? Is it that easy? No. It’s not. Which is why we listen to a 22 minute clip of Zig on the topic, then spend about the same time digging into what being “Positive” is all about, and what’s really in it for us. It’s not just a perspective.

What Do You Expect?

Speaker/author Mamie McCullough tells this story. Several years ago as she started the school year, second-grade teacher Frances Hurst of Rayville Parish, Rayville, Louisiana, was told that she had the "middle" class of students. At that time, all the students were grouped in either "low," "middle" or "high.

Show #341: 15 Qualities of a Successful Person

Friends, welcome to The Ziglar Show, I’m your host Kevin Miller and it’s my unique privilege to bring today’s profound message to you. The Ziglar Show is founded on what Zig Ziglar, the worlds most prolific motivator, devoted his life to: "Inspiring YOUR True Performance". You can have the best tools, resources and even opportunity.

Your Future

How you see your future is much more important than what has happened in your past.

Dwelling in the past is pointless because precious time is wasted thinking of ways to change what can’t be changed. Focus on your future, and the possibilities it holds. Zig Ziglar states that if you want to change your life, your future, your success, it starts with what you put into your mind:

The Hawk and The Sparrow

One morning as I sat at my desk, I spotted a large hawk in the willow tree behind my home. There were two or three small birds, which I believe were sparrows, driving that hawk nuts! He would get comfortably situated and one of them would dive at him, quickly followed by another.