Show #325: What is in the way of your hope?

Show #325: What is in the way of your hope?

Welcome to Episode 325 of The Ziglar Show. I’m your proud host, Kevin Miller and today we have a new type of show for you. In a recent show, Zig cited a quote by John Johnson, "It’s the size of your hope that’s going to determine how far you’ll go in your life.” On the Ziglar Facebook page, which has over 3.5 million likes, I asked the question, “What is in the way of your hope?” I scoured through scores of comments and culminated 20 replies I felt were heartfelt and relevant. See them all here!

Today we’re going to have a real world discussion and I’ve brought the big guns to the table. Headmaster of the Z tribe…Tom Ziglar, coming to us live from Ziglar Headquarters in Plano, TX. Then, none other than Dan Miller, bestselling author of '48 Days To The Work You Love' and 'No More Dreaded Mondays'. He’s one of Earth’s most renowned Career Coaches, and, my Dad. He’s here in the studio with me in Woodland Park, CO, 8,500’ above sea level in the heart of the Rockies! He and my mom are visiting myself and the seven grandchildren I co-created for them with my wife Teri. It’s a virtual Zigtopia of Zig’s son, a Zig protege in my Dad, and the product of a Zig upbringing in me!

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Now to our topic today, “What is in the way of your hope?” And before we begin addressing the Facebook comments, we’ll start with Tom Ziglar and Dan Miller. Guys, you’re not superhuman. There have been times when something has gotten in the way of your hope. You’re here now because you overcame it, but I want to start out with the reality of something specific that at some point, truthfully and honestly, got in the way of your hope. Tell us about it:

> > Hear Tom and Dan share there personal stories in the show

Well, thank you both. I’d share, but I’m superman. Just ask my wife and seven kids who can assure you I’ve never faltered. You might want to ask some of my close friends too. And some folks who don’t like me. And my counselor.

Ok, so here is feedback from some of our 3.5 million Facebook fans when asked, “What is in the way of your hope?”

  • Abhilash Shobha: My past failures comes in the way sometimes of my beautiful hope for the future.
  • Katharina Santiago: Problems and thinking about the past.
  • Amy Andrews-Martin del Campo: That history keeps coming to haunt the present. Racism, religious wars, intolerance.

So Dad, I’ll put this one to you. Have you had some failures in your past? And have they haunted your desires for progress and success?

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  • MAOC Studio: "It is the size of your WORK that is going to determine how far you will go" hope is an action .... no work no action no results.
  • Courtney Gavin: Hope is a beggars word.
  • Stephanie Bridgeman: Nothing should be in the way of hope. There are challenges reaching any goal, but if you don't even give yourself the right to hope, what do you live for? Hope is available to all. You need to find the way of making dreams into reality. Anyone can do it if they are focused and never give up.

Tom, these all feel well meaning. And Zig was a huge proponent of just doing it and making it happen. But in the reality of life, do some of these oversimplify the truth of hope?

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  • Laura Landis Parks what is in the way of my hope is health challenges. big ones.

OK, I’m going to tackle this one myself. For many years I led where I helped guide people to self-employment (membership is closed right now folks. You can inquire for personal coaching and consulting if you’d like, but otherwise, we’re closed). Amongst groups for finding your motivation and your viable opportunity, a primary group was Health & Wellness. Why? To do more, you need to get more performance from yourself.

You know how many people’s dreams are cut short from this statement, “After a long day or long week, I just don’t have any more energy to give?” We’re in a culture that is being taken out by chronic illness, disease and general unwellness. More and more people live in a black cloud simply because they feel so unwell. You may not feel you have an acute, chronic issue. But if you just lack energy and clarity and the gumption to go the extra mile that True Performance requires, it may very well be time to look at your personal health. Make it a priority. Obamacare is not going to help you become well, it’s only there to manage your unwellness. Folks, our minds do not work separate from our bodies. Your brain does not automatically perform better than the rest of your body. Is your gut thick, your digestion poor, your legs slow and your lung labored? Do you move slower? If you do, then it’s a fact, your brain is slower too. Successful people produce more, because they’re capable of more. We are whole beings, and one part doesn’t out-perform another, not by much.

Successful people invest in their wellness. Otherwise, it will…sabotage your hope.


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  • Craig Mulkey: Previous commitments seem to get in the way of future dreams and goals. Working the 9-5 and staying focused on the goals at hand instead of dreaming and hoping for more. Hope I didn't miss the point here. Just something I have been working on.

Craig, I think you nailed a primary issue for everyone. Dad, all the years of marriage and kids and homes and businesses and ups and downs. You have to relate that just the busyness and sometimes burden of life, even a grateful life, can get in the way of hope and hoping for more?

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  • Tammy-Joy Blair: I dont know where to begin to get what i hope for.
  • Kevin Logan: Inspirational quotes sound good but there is something else unknown formula on how to make it physically work!!!

Tom, this feels like an aspect of birthing hope. It’s one thing to grow hope and steer hope. But when it doesn’t exist, how do you, maybe not even birth it, because first it has to be planted.

> > Hear Tom's reply in the show

  • Erika Helene Rogers Fear.
  • Esteban Gutierrez Fear of rejection.
  • Amber Marquez Fear, fear, and more fear.

Dad, this has to be near top of the list of “What is in the way of your hope”. Talk to us about fear.

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Folks, thank you for the heartfelt comments. You made the show. We’re grateful, and will be back with you for the next show!