Laughter Is Good Medicine

Laughter Is Good Medicine

There's nothing new about the observation that laughter is good medicine.  It goes back hundreds, even thousands of years when the court jester had the task of entertaining royalty and the heads of state.  If he was good at his job and performed well, his rewards would be considerable, and if he put on a lousy performance there was a reasonably good chance that he would lose his head - I mean like REALLY lose his head!  Over a period of time, however, these court jesters learned that being humorous did much more than just entertain.

Pat Willhoit, otherwise known as Dr. Isaac the Clown, points out that laughter is one of the greatest mental tonics known to man and is the second most powerful human emotion an individual can express.  The first, incidentally is love.  He says, "You can't laugh and be mad, you can't laugh and worry, because stress, worry and laughter are not compatible.  Laughter is low-calorie, caffeine-free, no sodium, no preservatives or additives; it's 100% natural and one size fits all.  Laughter truly is God's gift.  You can get high on laughter but never 'o.d.'  Laughter is contagious; once it starts, little can be done to stop it.  Laughter never felt bad, committed a crime, started a war or broke up a relationship.  Laughter is shared by the giver and the receiver.  Laughter costs nothing and is not taxable."

It sounds like laughter could well be the cure for many of life's ills, so laugh a lot and you'll live a lot - which means I really will SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Zig Ziglar is known as America’s Motivator. He authored 36 books and produced numerous life-changing programs. He will be remembered as a man who lived out his faith daily.

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