The very best HABIT (Part 5, and the last one!)

The very best HABIT (Part 5, and the last one!)


I hope you have enjoyed this series of Zignificance newsletters on habit. You, our readers, are amazing!

Before I share with you the final habits you shared with me, I thought I would share with you the most powerful habit I learned from Dad. I put this habit into a quote.

“What you feed your mind determines your appetite.” – Tom Ziglar

Make it a habit of feeding your mind the right information – and all of the rest of the habits will be just a little
bit easier!

Challenge: Which of these following habits are you going to adopt?

Not fidgeting with my phone when with clients. First things first; thus, God first every day.

Short prayer in the morning before coffee. At bedtime, listening to my Bible verses. OH -- that's 2. Lol

Each morning I thank the Lord for blessing me with another day on this earth with my family.

I daily wake up at 5 am and do yoga, asana, and meditation. Second habit: I read books written by great people.

The first thing when I wake up I thank God for another day to work towards my life's goals. The second thing I do is read; sometimes articles, sometimes books, and occasionally just fun topics.

Always willing to help someone else out. Get way more done when I make a list the night before.

My best habit is replying immediately to my customers’ concerns. Not more than 12 hours if possible.

I think a good habit that I have that has made my life immensely better is starting my day off by repeating my affirmations and praying. Most days, I start my day off in the car, so it has become a ritual for me to repeat my affirmations and prayers in the morning. It has also been beneficial because I used to listen to the radio of repeat songs, but now I have my affirmations and prayers. Additionally, instead of listening to the radio further in the day, I listen to your podcast. I absolutely love it, and have enjoyed my time in the car so much more! Thank you!
-Thank you, Bree

I believe that one of my good habits is waking up and saying, “Thank you, God, for giving me another day.” Second, I list my daily tasks because by doing so I can manage better my time. Third, I read motivational books. It helps a lot.
-Regards, Angela

I do extra practice every day of the week for 30 min. (Note from Tom Ziglar: Dad taught this habit as “a little bit extra!”) Strive to improve my trading knowledge on reading a book or research.

My first good habit is I like to get to work 20 - 30 minutes early; it gives me plenty of time in case of bad weather (I live in Colorado Springs), and I don't have to rush like everyone else. My second habit is I like to start the day reading my Bible before I look at anything else like news, etc. (Like Zig used to say, I want to know what both sides are up to!)

Hi, my best habit is to read helpful books and articles as much as possible.
-Best, Honest

I have two best habits,,,, that changed my life.

  1. I am a recovering alcoholic, am sober for five years and nine months. Leaving this habit behind has moved me TOWARDS a great life.
  2. I started looking after my health. Now I extend my life expectancy.

Thank you and have a great day….
-Kind Regards, R.

Well.... I think habit #1 is doing exactly what I am doing right now. My alarm clock went off at 4:30am. Waking up early is a miracle IF USED PRODUCTIVELY. I use the early morning to collect my thoughts, read/ listen to personal development content, and then go for a run to power up my brain. Also, installing the habit of listening and/or reading your "personal ethos"(goals in affirmation form) is a strong and important habit of mine.

Again.... if you are ever interested in coming to Yazoo City.... I will gladly buy you lunch. (Note from Tom Ziglar: Thank you Tripp! I will come hungry!)

Best Habit:
I use the bus ride home for my language practice (app on my iPad).
I use the time I spend getting ready in the morning to listen to encouraging podcasts.
-Thanks for your podcast!

Hi, Tom,
Almost every day I have people coming to me with problems I have started listening to people tell me about the problems without me talking or butting in. I then ask for suggestions for possible solutions from the speaker. I get ideas, I get time to think, I get less pressure, I get more silence.

I read my Bible first thing each morning. I’m connected, encouraged, confident, and so thankful for God’s grace, mercy and blessings. When I don’t, I seem to always be lacking something.
-Thanks for all you do to encourage us…just like your Dad,

Often, while I’m driving, I get great ideas that can help better my work, personal, or family life. The problem is, I normally have a lot on my mind, and often forget that amazing revelation by the time I get to my destination, or even find a spot to pull over and write it down. Since I don’t want to be a distracted driver, I simply call my office phone from the Bluetooth on my ear, and leave myself a voicemail, or I use the Bluetooth to send myself an e-mail with the note. This has prevented me MANY times from misplacing some great inspiration in the dusty recesses of my neck-top computer!

I get up early and exercise
And to others, I will advise
An early day walk
Enhances your talk
With good health as the ultimate prize
-Cliff (Note from Tom Ziglar: Cliff – thank you for all of your poems of encouragement - you continually
bless me!)

Simple good habits I follow as below -

  1. To get up early in the morning, start up the day with Yoga/exercises. (To be alert/wake up whenever I listen to alarm.)
  2. Read few lines in a book before going to bed, not to be on social media at EOD.

-Thanks & Regards, Poornima

In the last few months I have replaced the habit of overeating to deal with stress and anxiety (bad habit) with intense exercise (good habit). This one small shift has led to big results, both physically and mentally! I have lost over 20 pounds and feel way better!

Replacing a bad habit with a good one is a game-changer! I honestly feel that being intentional about sculpting our habits is one of the most powerful things we can do to lead a life of significance!

I listen to podcasts as well. It brings me up. Joyce Meyer. Joel Osteen. It's a game-changer. Makes me be
better self.

My first words when I wake up are to say "Good Morning" to my husband. On his birthday I remember to wish him a happy birthday. I also start my day with, "This is the day the Lord has made. I WILL rejoice and be glad
in it."

I read a fantastic book...The Miracle Morning. I have gotten in the habit of getting up an hour early and doing my Miracle Morning list. I have also gotten in the habit of studying Spanish on Duolingo every day!

Wow! We have covered a lot of great habits in the last five Zignificance newsletters. Thank you so much for contributing your thoughts.

This just proves that… J

YOU are Born to Win, so go ahead and Live To Win!

Tom Ziglar

P.S. Quote of the Day: "You already have every characteristic necessary for success if you recognize, claim, develop and use them." – Zig Ziglar