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Spend three fantastic days with us at Ziglar Headquarters and get ready to:

  • Learn How to Read any Audience
  • Learn the Skills to Become a World-class Keynote Speaker
  • Learn How to Keep the Most Difficult Audience Engaged
  • Learn the Skills to Consistently Produce a First-rate Speech
  • If You want to Learn the Secret Techniques of the
    Greatest Communicators, this Program is a Must!

jason frenn

Your Ziglar Speakers Institute Instructors

One of the Most Versatile Communicators of our Day - Jason Frenn

Jason Frenn

One of the Most Versatile Communicators of our Day

CEO, Author and Speaker, Host of the Ziglar Show - Tom Ziglar

Tom Ziglar

CEO, Author and Speaker, Host of the Ziglar Show

What Separates

Great Communicators from Mediocre Ones?

Powerful communicators dominate seven skills that allow them to lead people toward transformational decisions. These are the how-tos of powerful communication.

Ziglar Speakers Institute


Day 1

  • Gain an insider’s view on how Zig Ziglar prepared and implemented his speeches
  • Learn the skills on forming the proper mindset to approach your audience
  • Discover how to storyboard a powerful keynote speech
  • Learn how to read any audience
  • Develop the single most important skill of every great communicator

Day 2

  • Receive individual coaching
  • Discover the essence of persuasion
  • Develop the skills to become a powerful closer
  • Learn how to enlarge your platform and acquire more paid speaking engagements
  • Learn the keys to becoming a dynamic communicator
  • Deliver your keynote speech

Day 3

  • Deliver a short presentation
  • Receive another individual coaching session that is specific to your needs
  • Learn important skills to make your presentation unforgettable to your market and audience
  • Receive your graduation certificate

Dynamic communicators in any field are more effective, earn more money,
and develop a larger following.

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