How To Stay Motivated (Volumes I, II, and III) with Performance Planner
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Learn how to get more of the things money will buy and all of the things money won`t buy in this three-volume program. Zig explains in an inspiring, informative and humorous way the action steps to achieve total success. Includes the Performance Planner.

Volume I: Developing the Qualities of Success

CD 1: Planning, preparing and expecting to win

CD 2: Taking the first step to a brighter future

CD 3: Motivation, the Key to Accomplishment

CD 4: Identifying the qualities of success

CD 5: Developing the qualities of success

CD 6 & 7: Maintaining a winning attitude


Volume II: Changing the Picture

CD 1: Winners respond, not react

CD 2: Identifying and correcting image problems

CD 3: Steps to a healthy self-image

CD 4: Succeeding in a negative, cat-kicking world

CD 5: Common sense human relationships

CD 6: Winning relationships at home and at work


Volume III: The Goals Program

CD 1: You and Your Goals Program

CD 2: The Specifics of Goal Setting

CD 3: Reaching Your Goals in Life

CD 4: Motivation Plus Information Equals Inspiration

CD 5: The Foundations for Greatness

CD 6: Overcoming Adversity to Live Your Dreams

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Length: All 3 volumes of How To Stay Motivated, over 18 hours of material (each CD is 60 minutes)
ISBN#: 1562077287


The Performance Planner Features:

  • Goal Achievement Formula Charts
    - Seven Steps to Success

  • Weekly Activity Record
    - Personal Performance Record
    - Your Daily Objectives and Activities Diary

  • Important Meetings and Projects Journal
    - A Permanent Record of Notes, Thoughts and Action Ideas

  • Monthly Activity Record - Appointments and Priority Activities

  • Calendars and Holidays

  • Birthdays and Special Events

  • Address and Telephone Directory

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