I've read almost every book your father wrote. I invested hundreds of dollars on his tapes. I am where I am today, to a large extent, based on his training. Thanks for keeping me on the e-mail list, and thank you for continuing your father's legacy.

I have to share this with you. You mentioned Zig's weight loss goal. I woke up on April 22, 2014, with both a weight and diabetes problem. After getting my meds adjusted by my doctor and knowing what I had to do, I got up early every morning and started walking. One of the recordings I have listened ...Read More

I loved my experience at ZLC and getting to know so many amazing people. I also learned a lot more about Zig Ziglar and what the Ziglar organization is all about. It is about loving and serving others. That is something that I can stand behind. I give a lot of webinars for my company about 3 ...Read More

Director of Coaching

Personal wheel was an eye-opener.

The certification experience is like coming back home. It reinforced and reminded us of time-tested principles that we know but somehow left behind as we travel in the journey of life. It is also like home as it shines right into our heart like the warmth and comfort of the morning sun shining through ...Read More

I feel I am part of the Ziglar family. The Certification training has broadened my mind to what I could do with the materials that I have. I am honored to be here to learn from like-minded people.

I came to this class today with the business closing in 60 days and a great deal of fear and apprehension, and no hope. I had ideas, thought suggestions of I should start my own business. I leave not with answers but with hope, dreams, and how to plan. It was a God-send for my life.

A&C Consulting Group

Beyond inspirational, the teachings planted a seed that I do plan on watering by way of goal setting.


Tom does an incredible job in bringing Zig’s timeless teachings to a new generation. I truly cannot name another body of work that is as life-changing as this.

Dunlop Capital, LLC

You want to know how to plan your dreams/goals, for yourself and others, then prepare and expect to be educated and motivated!

Z Studio

Teaches you how to build a solid foundation (family, work, school) and prepare for life’s journeys and PUSHES you beyond your own self-limitations.

Peds & Parents Family care

OUTSTANDING! I am so glad I attended. I received a lot more information than expected.

Keybridge Technologies

I believe that anyone that would come to this class with an open mind will take back several things that will improve their life.

David Heating & Air Conditioning Co.

It was so phenomenal to learn more about the Ziglar philosophy and learn from all of these amazing people.

Great experience, life-changing. The gifts, resources will propel our careers forward. I love the fellowship! Love! Everyone is so genuine and kind. The back office will be a great resource for all of us.

This was a wonderful experience. Jill was great! Tom was amazing and Julie’s story was powerful and moving. For me, this experience has enhanced my life greatly! I have loved getting to know all the great students as well! Overall, it was an amazing experience. Thank you!

Highly recommend!

Nice Neighbor Contracting

Great program packed with a lot of information but organized in a logical fashion that builds up to something amazing.

DRS Technologies, Inc.

Tom has a unique way of distilling insight that is rare in the training and speaking world. He is not just the “proud son” of the great Zig Ziglar. He is a dynamic and engaging force in his own right.

Career Alternatives

With my hotel situation it was an opportunity to show grace. I was able to show grace on the outside and FEEL it on the inside! Completely profound due to change of mindset from this program.

It’s a great event. Besides new information, it helped me connect things that I already knew!

Headway Moving

In a world where there is training on just about everything, Ziglar Legacy Certification training focuses on what is truly, eternally important – and it is all delivered with wonderful love and care.

This program far exceeded my expectations. I have been through several professional trainings over the years; however, this is the ONLY ONE that was absolutely transformational and life-changing. I highly recommend this training program for anyone seeking to improve the quality and value of their ...Read More

Not sure what I was expecting when I came but I feel like I got just what I needed.

I really needed the goal setting but being able to see where my core areas are out of balance is going to totally change my life. Seeing where the wheel was out of balance was like a light bulb going off in my head.

Tryon Health & Fitness Club

I am honored to carry on the Ziglar legacy. At the beginning of the week, I was looking forward to graduation…thinking it would be the ‘top.’ Now that I’m here I can see so much farther. I’m excited to discover the future and experience this journey

I think that anyone who has a leadership role should take advantage of this training.

Cool G’z Air

As an agnostic, I was somewhat off-put and demotivated by the message that I could not succeed without faith in a higher power. I channeled it, however, to explore a form of spirituality more suited to me.

America’s Mattress

The training lived up to their reputation. I look forward to a future with the Ziglar team.

Attending Ziglar Legacy Certification has helped me to reconnect with my life mission and purpose on a more spiritual level. The most valuable lessons I am taking with me are who I am and Whose I am, God wants me to prosper, and I can have everything I want in life if I will just help enough other ...Read More

It’s not about avoiding sin. It’s about doing right.

Great material. Dynamic Course. Best practices to apply and grow in your professional and personal life. Great road-map for goal-setting.


It was super great because I was able to get all the materials I need to go back home and start building up my own business. Not only did I get the materials but I felt I had the support needed to be successful. The love from everyone from Tom, Laurie, Jill, Conia, Cheri and everyone else was awesome! ...Read More

Thank you ZLC for making an impact on my life. The principles of this training have been enlightening not just in my professional but also my personal life.

Ziglar is about perfection in sales, perfection in relationships, and perfection in life – encouragement. But these are mere by-products, because, in fact, Ziglar is about integrity, honesty and virtue. You cannot dream of perfection in any aspect of your life without committing yourself to the ...Read More

Sometimes in life you need a recharge and this event helps to get that “mojo” back. I’m in sales and it’s a roller coaster. Our days are filled with ups and downs. A Zig Ziglar seminar puts in perspective how to keep focused.

Bolton Group

This event has put into perspective what is really meaningful. For anyone trying to find direction in business and/or personal life should come to an event.

Choice Tire LLC

Worth the time and money – take away a small percentage of course material and you’ll succeed. Take away all and you’re at the top.

Sears Commercial

I didn’t know what to expect but I am thrilled I came here. Even if I don’t ever use the training (which I will), I love the connections I made here. I will be back and continue to live the ‘Ziglar life’!

Amazing culture! I am honored to be a member of the Zig Ziglar family. I am excited to take the Ziglar training and coaching to the hurting world. Ziglar’s developmental programs give hope.

Tom delivered an insightful message in a profound and relatable way. His father would be proud.

Peds & Parents Family Care, LLC

What a great place! I felt so welcomed from the very first day and every day I was at Ziglar training. The people are so nice (every single one). I know when you come back it is just like home.

I would tell everyone to speak what you want to happen in your life. Write down your dreams and goals and read them every day. Take small baby steps to obtain whatever you want in life.

Sears Commercial

I was so encouraged by the information shared. My values, the philosophies of my company align with Ziglar teachings. I love the development opportunity and ministry.

Euthenics Foster Professional Development

It is an inspiring event that lends a pat on the back for the things you’re doing right with the added benefit of a nudge in the right direction in the areas you need.

Impact Lighting, Inc.

I would ask them if they feel their life had margin for growth and if they respond yes I will tell them to buckle up because this seminar will take them places they have never been in their imagination about possibilities.

Salon Libby

I have been a therapist for many years. While there has been positive movement in the lives of the veterans (military) that I have served, I am convinced that if I had the skills taught today I would have helped more take a direction that would have led to the betterment of their lives.

New Life Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Today’s seminar tied together things I have seen and heard before. It has given me the direction and confidence to achieve the goals I need to set.

Mason Photography

ZLC was a life-transforming week. Demonstrated what life can be when like-minded, positive attitude, loving individuals come together and focus on common objectives as a master-mind group. Can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned and experienced in the ‘real world,’ as I look to being a difference-maker.

...Read More

This week has been an amazing experience. I am grateful for the support, knowledge, friendship and fellowship. The Ziglar family and the Ziglar corporation demonstrate integrity, trust, and relationship-building at its finest.

Be ready to be undone, redone, and overdone! Great, interactive, fun event. I learned to be more open and honest to myself and others. Purity of mind, body and spirit!

I attend a lot of training events and this is one of the best I’ve been to.

Allgood Plumbing & Electric

This was the missing link on my journey to success.

I really enjoyed the intimacy of a smaller group versus a large crowd.

Northwest Roof Maintenance

If you want to amplify your dreams and develop the skills and attitude to realize your dreams – or – if you want to help improve the quality of other people’s lives, take this class!

Global Imports MINI

This was an excellent training that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to take their leadership and life to the next level. The Ziglar team has a heartbeat for leadership and love of their people.

Sometimes you just forget the power you have in moving other people around your life better. This seminar reminded me of that by making other people’s lives better your life becomes better.

Impact Lighting, Inc.

You can never hear these concepts and principles enough! Never stop feeding yourself with the good, the clean, the pure and the powerful. Keep building and growing…beginning with your integrity and character!

Second Wind-Finish Strong, Inc.

Time invested with Tom, any Ziglar material, for that matter, will be absolutely life-changing should one apply it in their life!

HOPE Systems, LLC

I loved the experience and would HIGHLY recommend this class to those who are ready and willing to be changed and make that change in their communities, state and world.

After spending hundreds of hours listening and attending inspirational seminars, this one is tops.

Smart Portfolios

I have been reading Ziglar's self-talk cards 1x per day in the mornings for about three weeks. Since I started, I have increased my sales opportunities by 35%, which is huge for me, and have been very productive with work and personal projects in general.

When I read the cards I don't necessarily ...Read More

This was a wonderful event to bring some of my team to. We are in the middle of transition and struggling with change management. This refresher is what we need to bring back and spread the word with our management team and associates.

Sears Commercial

I believe that an investment in yourself is one of the greatest gifts…this ZLC training was more than a great gift. I have a new family of like-minded people and I know that my dreams will be fulfilled with their support.

It’s priceless to see Zig Ziglar’s message in action and so touchable. I’m looking forward to more events and growing with this message.

ABC Central Florida

My presentation skills training with you two years ago continues to pay dividends. I gave a presentation in Philly on Tuesday and I nailed it. At dinner that night, two clients at the table were praising it and asked ME for speaking advice. I credited you and told them that before every speaking ...Read More

Principal Analyst (Referencing instructor, Bryan Flanagan)

I had my presentation last week and asked my Regional Manager to watch for the things I was working on. He told me I did very well with them. So thank you for the class; it helped big time and I am so glad I was able to participate. If I can do anything for you please feel free to reach out to ...Read More

Territory Sales Manager, North Texas

It really is about being better...Ziglar corporate training helped us connect with AIOD members in a way we've never done before-causing us to reach way beyond our goals. Our association continues to use Ziglar for all of our training needs - from classroom instruction and keynotes to online learning ...Read More

AIOD (Association of Independent Oil Distributors)

Our training with the Zig Ziglar Corporation greatly exceeded our expectations. According to several of our senior NCO's and seasoned recruiters it was the best sales, communications and relationship training they have ever received. It was instrumental in the tremendous success of our recruiting ...Read More

Recruiting and Retention Command, South Dakota Army National Guard

Your ability to engage us with humor and practical information about relating to others contributed a great deal to the success of our Professional Development Day.

District Director of Counseling and Guidance

… beat our expectations and received an 'ah ha' from our group. I would highly recommend…!

Vice President, U.S. Food Service

Over the years, Ziglar’s tremendous ability to inspire and challenge has motivated many of our Consultants to reach for success.

MaryKay Inc.

We partnered with the Ziglar team as The Bonded Family held our annual Visioneering Banquet. Ziglar, Inc., from the first call of discussion to the genuine and ongoing follow-up delivered an unforgettable experience.

As a non-profit, to be able to utilize the respected leadership of Ziglar, ...Read More

The Bonded Family