Over The Top
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Over The Top reveals a new aspect of Zig Ziglar. Fresh stories, analogies and examples are punctuated by Zig's insightful maturity. He handles complicated, sensitive topics comfortably and compassionately, often by sharing how he "personally" dealt with the same issues himself. Never before have Zig's thoughts unfolded with such stunning clarity and logic. Readers, past and future, will be inspired.

The depth and breadth of the eight things people want most in life (to be happy, healthy, reasonably prosperous, secure, have friends, peace of mind, good family relationships and hope) is completely and beautifully covered.


Chapter 1: What or where is "the top"?

Chapter 2: Right Attitude + Specific Skills + Golden Rule Philosophy Character = Complete Success

Chapter 3: Having it all

Chapter 4: The responsibility is yours

Chapter 5: Changing the picture

Chapter 6: The immigrant's attitude

Chapter 7: Motivation is the key

Chapter 8: Attitude makes the difference

Chapter 9: You Yes YOU have what it takes

Chapter 10: A goals program is a must

Chapter 11: A goals program: The key to balanced success

Chapter 12: Reaching your goals

Chapter 13: Getting up and staying up when you've been knocked down

Chapter 14: Commitment + courage + discipline = Freedom

Chapter 15: Finishing well

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Paperback: 319 pages

Copyright: 1991 Zig Ziglar

ISBN#: 0785288770