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Veronica Sites

Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer

  • Small Business Development, Education, Motivation, Personal Coaching, Customer Service, Human Resources, Anxiety Tolerance and Regulation through Goal Setting, Productivity
  • Crowley, Texas, United States

Veronica Sites

Veronica Sites, a vibrant and powerfully effective mentor, motivational speaker,
and coach.

Her background in education, chaplaincy, recruitment, entrepreneurship and business development, combined with her life experience as a parent, step-parent, grandmother and wife, enable her to relate well to just about everyone!

She is a wealth of intellect and experience. Her successful track record in business development and transitional career and life change make her a mentor of reputable success.

Veronica equips others to do more, be more, and implement untapped potential. She provides accountability so that clients can achieve increased profitability and experience more in life.

From learning to set and achieve goals to learning how to overcome obstacles, clients encounter a transfer of confidence out of her passion, belief and enthusiasm, to empower and help others activate their potential.