eBook: More Encouragement for the Sales Professional


All sales professionals experience sales slumps!

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All sales professionals experience sales slumps! There are two reasons you experience sales slumps and there are two ways to eliminate sales slumps.

The first reason you encounter sales slumps is you have lost your basics. You know, the fundamental activities that lead to sales success, the basic skills of making calls, conducting presentations, and closing the sale. The second reason is that you have lost your passion. Or, you have forgotten why you have pride in the sales profession.

Other topics covered in this continuation of Encouragement for the Sales Professional:

  • Who Helped You Build Your Dream Machine?
  • Don’t Miss the Good Life
  • The Psychology of Closing
  • Lessons Learned from the Good Book
  • You and the Golden Gate Bridge
  • “First Touch the Person, Then Touch the Teeth”
  • Sell Like an A.C.E. and You'll be Treated Like a King

Get encouraged by Bryan Flanagan’s humor and easy to follow analogies!

*The content in More Encouragement for the Sales Professional is identical to that in Now Go Sell Somebody Something (book).

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