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Phyllis Taylor

Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer

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  • Motivation, Education
  • Jacksonville, AL 36265, United States

Phyllis Taylor

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care about them."

Zig Ziglar Certified Trainer

Making a difference in the lives of others is what I have spent my entire career as an educator doing. Although I have retired from an incredible 32-year career as an educator in both the elementary setting and the higher education setting, I still count it an honor to be able to bring the timeless principals and philosophy of Zig Ziglar to audiences. I LOVE to motivate and INSPIRE. My life philosophy states: "Never underestimate the power and influence of ONE word, ONE deed or ONE action in the life of another human being. My goal is to bring those words, deeds and actions to people to need to hear and see them. I am currently a part of a realty team and enjoy providing excellent customer service that is grounded in honesty and integrity, but my greatest passion is to TEACH, MOTIVATE and INSPIRE others to be the BEST version of themselves every day. I would LOVE to support your group or community with programs that bring messages of hope and truth in the areas of relationships, goal-setting and being a better YOU!