Mike Kole

Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer

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  • Small Business Development
  • Michigan, Detroit, United States

Mike Kole

Coach | Professor |
Speaker | Author

WHAT I DO: I increase small business profitability by building systems, engaging & empowering employees, & improving customer service.

WHO I WORK WITH: Small business owners, more specifically, professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Chiropractors, Engineers, Dentists, and many others. You are specialists in your profession, not running a business. That's where a business coach is best used. Helping you do what you do best, but installing systems behind you that keep the wheels of the operation turning!

HOW WE DO IT: We first focus on improving employee engagement & customer satisfaction. We then move on to maximizing efficiency in your company, and helping the business owner focus on what they do best. Building a Better You, all the while, building a better business.

TOOLS WE USE: The 30+ years of business experience, an MBA earned from the University of Detroit, and my Ziglar Legacy Certification. Education alone is not enough, but when you couple it with years of experience there is nothing stopping you. As a student of business & continuous improvement, we are equipped to provide you Training, Mentorship, or Coaching in the group setting for 1 on 1!

  • Professor of Leadership
  • Author, PROFITS Your Seven Letters to Success
  • Ziglar Certified Trainer