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Manu Shahi

Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer

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  • Youth, Parents, Women
  • Flower Mound, Texas, United States

Manu Shahi

"Success is not a destination, it’s a journey."

Where we coach how to
"Connect not Correct
the dots"

Catalyst and Alchemist

Manu Shahi an extremely passionate about making lives of people easy and happy, and believes in spreading positive thoughts, constructive mindset and motivation. Currently Manu aspires to be a catalyst for others, Alchemist for her and she is a woman of compassion who loves to work for others. Helping others and spreading glee in their lives is the most valuable gift you can give to yourself.

Manu has been Sr. Retirement Specialist/Stock Broker in the past. Manu is now working as an educator and a motivational speaker and is deeply involved in helping others through the power of communication. She is a successful business woman, volunteer and best-selling author. She teaches the skills and abilities to think beyond the limits of distress, discontent, and stereotypes. Manu wants to instill confidence in people so that they can survive independently. She is a certified trainer who encourages goal setting and implementation of management skills. Manu is on a mission to equip parents and students for success in life. She wants them to become self-driven in every field of life. Manu herself knows how to master time management skills and overcome challenges and wants to invest in human capabilities that is the most vast and dynamic area to invest in. Like other businessmen Manu is investing to gain intrinsic profit.

Manu has a teen child so she understands intensely the distractive paths that children of this age can follow and how correct guidance at the correct time is required to shape their path. She also understands the need of having an independent lifestyle and professional development. These are the inspirational and motivational power that drives Manu’s thought process and initiative to bring light into the lives of people. She has been dealing with thousands of children from the last ten years. The struggle is real and she started “Connect not Correct the Dots” workshops that has the mission to shape and motivate the correct paths and not just criticize and scold children that they are doing wrong, instead they should be told that what is right for them. She is helping youth to overcome self-image issues, build healthy relationships and learn goal setting that shape and develop their educational path and career. Manu believes in the power of youth and it is evident that there is not a correlation between a college degree and success on the job. Manu is therefore focused on making professional and career development based on self-independence and faith in you. Manu believes in connecting with the minds of teenagers and she is always ready to confront areas of uncertainty, and new frontiers where the rules aren’t clear or seem to be constantly changing. She urges the necessity of connecting to yourself first only then you are able to connect to others.

She has lived all her life following a goal and mantra with full focus and attention that is “By helping others you are helping yourself”. Everyone should understands and follow this mantra and you will see what evident changes will occur in your life. She aspires to spread her good work to the extent where every single child of her country would be able to get guidance from her.