Heather Prichard, Platinum Ziglat Certified Speaker/Trainer/Coach


Heather Prichard


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Heather Prichard

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

Heather Prichard, Platinum Ziglat Certified Speaker/Trainer/Coach

Zig Ziglar International Platinum Presenter/Trainer, Motivational, Personal Development Coach and Keynote Speaker.

Heather Prichard has built and sold multiple companies. In her career, she has sold and closed nearly 100 million dollars in real estate transactions. Heather is currently the owner of several highly successful businesses, including business and personal development, financial services, and real estate. As a Zig Ziglar International Platinum Presenter and Trainer, she teaches proven systems, principles, and philosophies.

Heather’s passion is help others live fuller lives, and she accomplishes this by bringing proven systems to businesses and individuals across the nation. The areas of her expertise include Sell by Design, Essential Presentation Skills, Goal Setting and Achievement, Building Winning Relationships, and Building the Best You. As a Certified Ziglar Coach, Heather also offers one-on-one coaching to her clients who are looking to enrich their lives professionally, personally, financially, and spiritually.

Success didn’t come easy for Heather. She has overcome many challenges and struggles along the way. As a young woman and seven months pregnant, she had an AVM rupture in her spine. She was paralyzed from the waist down, with doctors leaving her with no hope to ever walk again. Heather learned very quickly that her mindset was going to affect the outcome. She set a goal to walk before her daughter did, and she reached that goal within a year!

Success wasn’t an option for Heather. Considering she raised two amazing children as a single mom, it was a necessity. She attributes many of Zig’s teachings to the motivation that helped get her through many struggles through the years, and assist her with the level of success that she has accomplished in her life.

A note from Heather…

My entire life I have had a dream and a vision to help and support others in achieving their goals. I believe that in life we rise by lifting others up. I feel abundantly blessed to be able to train and support others to push through challenges and be the best version of themselves. Above all I have accomplished in life, the greatest are my two children that are now successful young adults. My daughter Brittany is a physical therapist and my son Caden is a college student studying computer science of engineering. In 2011 I became the blessed bride of Mr. Kit Prichard.

I believe that our faith, hope and love will get us a long way in life. Mindset, dedication, and our self-beliefs will get us the rest of the way. I have the experience and dedication to help you or your employees not only meet your goals, but break through ceilings of achievements and exceed your expectations.

To book an event for your business or organization or for one-on-one coaching with Heather Prichard, please visit her website HeatherAPrichard.com or call (432) 978-6973.