Are you an Executive Leadership Coach?

Do you want to become an Executive Leadership Coach?

Ziglar can help!

Ziglar has developed an incredibly powerful Coach Leadership Program based on the three keys we believe every leader must master: Mindset, Walking out the 10 Leadership Virtues, and the Intentional Coaching Conversation.

The backbone of this program is that we pair each Coach Leadership Program participant with a Ziglar Coach Leader Coach that helps the participant become an effective Coach Leader.

The details of the Ziglar Coach Leadership Program are below. If you want to learn more about either going through the program or becoming a Ziglar Coach Leader Coach let us know by filling out this request and we will contact you.


Business has experienced more disruption in the last two years than at any time in recent history.

The fact is, disruption is only going to increase and people have dramatically shifted in how they want to work. Old style, traditional, top down, positional leadership has gone the way of the T-Rex! A new kind of leader is needed: The Coach Leader

Is your business facing any of these challenges?

  • Retention of Top Performers
  • Hiring
  • Engagement
  • Burnout and work/life balance
  • Performance and Productivity
  • Collaboration and Innovation because of Disruption
  • Team members’ need of autonomy and flexibility

The waves of disruption continue to hit - COVID-19, Delta, Omicron, Supply Chain, Remote and Hybrid Work, Inflation, and The Great Resignation.

I have good news for you:

Coach Leaders THRIVE in Disruption!

Coach Leaders know we are in the middle of THE GREAT REIMAGINATION! Coach Leaders are able to reimagine the future!

Coach Leaders understand that:

  • People want to find PURPOSE in their work
  • Quality of Life = Quality of Work
  • Everything Hinges on Vision and Virtues
  • Top Performers crave Accountability and Disdain Control
  • Intentional Goals and Growth Coaching conversations are the silver bullet to success
  • Long-term success means walking out the 10 Virtues

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Two big reasons why the Ziglar Coach Leadership Program is different:

1. RELEVANT AND TIMELY - based on two years of research focused on everything that has changed in business since March of 2020 - and how to thrive because of the changes.

2. EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND IMPLEMENT - being an effective Coach Leader is not a mystery - it is based on human behavior and easy to implement how-to’s.

Three key takeaways every Coach Leader will learn:

Key #1: The Coach Leader Mindset

Key #2: The 10 Leadership Virtues Every Coach Leader Must Have Key #3. The Coach Leader Coaching Process

Topics covered in the Two Day Interactive Workshop:

Part 1: The Coach Leader Mindset

In part 1, Coach Leaders learn how to embrace disruption as their strategic advantage, which allows them to create an atmosphere and culture of learning and growth that gets results and solves problems.

  • How to Embrace Disruption
  • Growth vs Fixed
  • How to Create the Atmosphere
  • The Top Performer and Coach Leader Model

Part 2: The 10 Leadership Virtues

In part 2, Coach Leaders learn how to demonstrate the 10 virtues through their actions so that their walk matches their talk.

  • Kindness - Be gracious and act with sincerity and goodness.
  • Selflessness - How do you split the steak?
  • Respect - Give it to get it.
  • Humility - Do not be proud or arrogant.
  • Self-control - How we face the future.
  • Positivity - A positive attitude outperforms a negative attitude every time.
  • Looking for the best - Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Maximize what comes.
  • Being the light - Lead through darkness.
  • Never giving up - Being patient and forbearing.
  • Standing firm - Be worthy of trust in tough times.

Part 3: The Coach Leader Coaching Conversation

In Part 3, Coach Leaders learn how to communicate effectively using the DISC model of human behavior and using the Coach Leadership Coaching Process to have intentional weekly goals and growth-focused coaching conversations with each of their team members.

  • Understanding and using DISC to communicate more effectively.
  • Do you want to make more money?
  • Getting to the big WHY.
  • The A x E x S = P Coach Leadership Coaching Process.
  • The Coach Leadership Coaching Worksheet.
  • Implementing and putting it all together.

Coach Leader Coaching

The most essential part of the Ziglar Coach Leadership Coaching program is the coaching provided to each Coach Leader participant. At Ziglar we believe and we know that there is no such thing as “one and done.” The two-day interactive Ziglar Coach Leadership Workshop is essential to create the baseline knowledge a Coach Leader needs. The Coach Leader Coaching is what makes sure this knowledge gets put into action so that growth and results follow.

Each Coach Leader will be assigned a Ziglar Certified Coach Leader Coach and will have 12 coaching sessions over a 6-month time frame immediately following the workshop.

Coaching Session Description:

  • 60 minutes in length
  • Done every two weeks via Zoom
  • Primary focus is the growth and goals achievement of team members
  • First part of call is accountability of Coach Leader to walking out one of the 10 Virtues
  • Majority of call is creating and role-playing a goals and growth focused intentional coaching conversation specific to each team member reporting to the Coach Leader using the Coach Leadership Coaching Worksheet (included in a separate document)

The Ziglar Coach Leadership Program Includes for Each Participant:

  • The two-day workshop
  • All Workshop Materials
  • One Pre and One Post Workshop Zoom Call ● 5 DISC profiles
  • 12 Coaching Sessions

If the two-day workshop is done at the client’s location, the client is responsible for all location expenses as well as travel and expenses for up to four Ziglar trainers and coaches, depending on the size of the class. Class size is a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20.

Join Ziglar’s leadership revolution today. We believe in creating a future of continuous growth, innovation, and shared success. Step up, take charge, and let’s shape the world of business together. Our door is always open to those willing to learn, lead, and grow.

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