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Brenda Sell

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What you get by achieving your goals is not nearly as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

Brenda Sell


Grandmaster Brenda J. Sell, 9th Degree Black Belt is a Pioneer in modern-day Taekwondo. A forerunner for women in Taekwondo on an international level

Grandmaster Brenda J. Sell has accomplished the title of Highest Ranked Female Black Belt in the world (Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan) and Highest Ranked, 9th Dan Kukkiwon American Female (2nd highest in the world, outside of 1 Korean lady). She is president of the U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association, the oldest Taekwondo association in the USA. She has appeared on television, radio, military bases, schools, churches, as well as West Point Military Academy, USAF Academy, the Pentegon.

Her JOURNEY to the TOP has not been easy. After a 15-month series of "Nightmare Circumstances", including the death of her husband of 41 years, her mother & father and a bout with breast cancer, she decided to fight back by reaching out and helping others. Her famous Inspirational Videos on FB were birthed, her public speaking grew, and she developed a mentoring program. Her infectious smile and love for people are felt by everyone who meets her.

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