Get Results and Grow Business
in the Digital Age

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Andrey Sergeyev

Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer

Andrey Sergeyev

Get Results and Grow Business in the Digital Age

Helping leaders get results in the Digital Age

Andrey Sergeyev is an Entrepreneur, Digital Business Strategy & Leadership Advisor, Speaker, Author with more that 20 years of unique international business experience - from startups to helping build multi-million dollar businesses in Europe, Russia, the USA.

Andrey is also a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer since 2014. This was driven by his deep passion to help people to live a meaningful life, as Zig Ziglar and his principles have greatly impacted Andrey’s life and career throughout the years.

Currently Andrey enjoys advising and training leaders, entrepreneurs and their teams from different industries in Europe, Russia, the USA, Middle East on getting results, growing businesses in the Digital Age, and living a meaningful life.

Topics / Aspects

Andrey frequently speaks at various conferences, start-up and corporate events, and lead internal workshops around the world on these topics:

  • Building the Best You
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Boosting Personal and Team’s Productivity
  • How to Simplify, Focus and Execute on the Highest Priorities
  • How to Improve Sales and Business Results
  • How to Win Clients and Grow Business in the Digital Age
  • Starting and Growing a Digital Business / eCommerce