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How to Effectively Connect From the Front of the Room

During this live interactive free webinar, Jason Frenn and Tom Ziglar will cover the crucial steps to help take your speaking career to the next level.
You don't want to miss this incredible and highly insightful webinar!
Join us Tuesday, Occtober 24, 2017, at 1:00 PM CST
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Discover the 3 SECRETS of building a prestigious career as a DYNAMIC SPEAKER
Presented by: Tom Ziglar and Jason Frenn
What separates great communicators from mediocre ones?

Powerful communicators dominate learnable skills that allow them to lead people toward transformational decisions. If you want to learn the secret techniques of the greatest communicators, this webinar is a must!
What You'll Learn in This FREE Training!
Never Lose an Audience
You will learn how to read any audience and discover the secret techniques to never lose them.
Transformational Decisions
You will develop the skill that every great communicator uses to lead their audience to transformational decisions.
Build Your Career & Earn More Money
You will learn ways to build your career, earn more money, and increase your impact as a speaker.
Zig Ziglar's Secret Influence Formula - FREE!
Zig Ziglar impacted and influenced millions of people around the world during his lifetime. This influence continues through his legacy. Legacy is simply the sum total of lives you influence, who they influence, and so on, and so on. If you desire to influence those around you, and your motive is to leave a powerful, positive legacy, then you will benefit from the influence formula that Zig Ziglar used.
  •  Learn how Zig Ziglar inspired people to take action and change their lives.
  •  Discover how to use the power of your personal story.
  •  Uncover the 2 secrets to true success.
  •  How to achieve success year after year.
Tom Ziglar
CEO, Ziglar, Inc.
About The Presenters:
Tom Ziglar: I have been working here 50 years (my whole life, but “officially” only 28 years)! Dad made sure I learned the business from front door to back, so I started in the warehouse, then on to production, sales, sales management, seminar promotion, and then as CEO for the last 20 years. Now I work with the best team in the world with the best customers in the world, and if you’re not careful, when you come by the offices you will find yourself officially adopted into the Ziglar family! I have a beautiful wife and daughter. I enjoy social media and I love speaking to people all over the world.

My personal mission statement: “My mission is to help you become significant by equipping you to help others become significant.” This mission is why I love our Ziglar Legacy Certification program. My favorite Zig quote: “Son, God don’t make no junk, and thanks to your mother, neither do I!” I hope to meet you someday, and if you are ever in Plano, Texas, on a Monday morning, I invite you to join us at our Monday Morning Devotionals. I am proud to say our guests always outnumber us, so you will fit right in.
Jason Frenn
International Speaker & Best Sellling Author
Jason Frenn is a highly effective communicator who speaks to over 150,000 people each year. He is a widely solicited speaker and has spoken to over 6 million people in live events throughout the United States, Latin America, Asia and Europe. He is dynamic and motivational and speaks to large conferences and corporations as well as non-profit organizations and churches, motivating people in every walk of life to reach their greatest potential. Before becoming an international conference speaker, Jason was sales representative of the year for Moore Business Forms.

In addition to being a dynamic conference speaker, Jason Frenn is a best-selling author, a guest voice for the Washington Post, and has a live syndicated daily radio program with a listening audience of 1,000,000 in over 50 stations covering the Western United States and Northern Mexico. He is fully bilingual and covers a number of topics including how to substantially increase sales, company morale and loyalty, personal discipline and commitment, as well as many inspirational and faith topics. Jason will inspire and empower your organization and help you reach your greatest potential. According to Ziglar, he is one of the most versatile speakers in the world.
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