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Twice As Much in Half the Time by Amy Jones


When Amy Jones wrote “Twice as Much in Half the Time” she didn't know that her time on earth would be cut in half by cancer. Fortunately, Amy had been living the principles she teaches in this timeless book for so long that she accomplished more in forty years than most of us do in eighty! Read this book and you'll know how to make your life count!

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by Amy Jones

Who wouldn't want to be able to do twice as much in half the time?

We have good news for you ... it can be done; and Amy Jones, in a very engaging way, tells you how!

Start living a more balanced life today. Amy's steps to eliminating the clutter and simplifying your life will be a program you will want to share with friends, family and co-workers.

This book is filled with "nuggets of wisdom" to simplify and organize your life.

Learn "Time Management Mathematics" - when applied, you will find yourself leading a happier, more productive and well-balanced life.

"Each year, Amy Jones speaks to thousands of people about "how to do twice as much in half the time. And I'm honored to say that we've captured her talent and her passion in a great book that you're going to love." ~Mac Anderson

"I believe that as you read Amy's book you will become informed, educated, encouraged and uplifted. You will become committed to taking control of the mere 24 hours you have every day to accomplish your objectives." ~Zig Ziglar

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Length: 75 pages
Copyright 2009: Simple Truths, LLC
ISBN #: 9781608100330

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