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“America’s #1 motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, reveals the most comprehensive and important program he's offered in Ziglar, Inc.’s 40 years—his complete step-by-step success strategy.”

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Please bill my credit card $1.00. Then, if I love what I see and hear, Ziglar, Inc., will continue a steady flow of motivating, inspiring information and ideas coming to me along with access to all of the tools, plans, resources and members-only community for just $37 per month, automatically billed to my credit card.  The $154.95 in bonuses is mine to keep regardless if I cancel.

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I already know I want to subscribe! Give me my FREE bonuses and bill me in just one easy payment of $370 so that I’ll get two months FREE with my yearly subscription.

As a member I’ll get access to:

  1. Ziglar Success Institute with 114 courses of high-powered recorded training laced with Zig’s philosophy and success principles that includes Classic Zig not available anywhere else. Topics include personal development, goals, professional development, relationships, sales, faith, leadership and motivation.
  2. Access to your Webcast Archive with International Speakers, Trainers, Authors & Experts  which offers motivating and timely information from 25+ of the best experts in the world who’ll help give me fresh perspective and move me ahead.
  3. Two Live Trainings with World Experts every month with international authors, trainers, speakers and experts willing to tell me their biggest secrets for achieving more wealth, fame, sales, happiness, position and how to become extraordinarily successful in life.  Plus I’ll get access to the replays and downloads.
  4. Personal Development Plan which I will receive the first Monday of each month and will give me your specific step-by-step plan mapping out what courses to take, along with action steps, application questions, tips and guidance for reaching my personal goals.
  5. Professional Development Plan which I will receive the third Monday of each month and is my complete monthly plan designed to give me blow-by-blow direction on what-I-need-to-do-when to reach the top of my profession and explode my business and sales.
  6. Extra assistance from Ziglar Certified Trainers that I can opt to receive through additional weekly guidance with extra tips, notes, and application questions to keep me on track plus I can get feedback from trainers on the forum.
  7. Members Only Access to Success 2.0 Forum that lets me join a private community of like-minded people who network, share and collaborate with the same goal in mind—to achieve more success and live a significant life.
  8. $10 Download Credit for the Ziglar Online Shop that I’ll receive at the beginning of each and every month that I can use to purchase any audio download product in the Ziglar online shop. 
  9. Valuable Speaker Bonuses that I’ll receive following your live webcasts whenever your guests generously provide these exclusive gifts related to at least one of the 7 components of success.
  10. My FREE BONUS PACKS worth $154.95 that is packed with answers to tough questions, information on how to move into the work I love, practical tips on how to cut through the clutter, stick to my plans and are designed to help me accelerate my path to success.

I understand that I’ll have access to all these resources for a full 30 days. Later, if I’m not totally satisfied with what I get, or discover that Success 2.0 is simply not for me—all I have to do is click the UNSUBSCRIBE link on my admin page and my membership will be cancelled and I’ll never be billed.

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