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Biscuits Fleas and Pump Handles

Listen to Zig's dynamic and most favored motivational stories, leading you to enthusiasm, laughter, and the hope for success. You will play it over and over as you relive the stories!
Price: $9.95

Christian Motivation for Daily Living (Volumes I, II, and III)

Just like Zig's How To Stay Motivated series, this set includes 3 volumes on Winning with a Balanced Life, Building Winning Relationships, and Winning with a Balanced Goals Program. All of which is practical and biblically-based, psychologically sound and physiologically accurate.
Price: $59.99

The Book Of Proverbs

Zig Ziglar's stirring narration of the most popular book of the Bible, The Book of Proverbs, will touch your mind and heart - regardless of your faith.
Price: $39.95

The Selling Difference

Developed by Zig Ziglar and Bryan Flanagan, The Selling Difference is designed to prepare the sales professionals of today to move to the next level of success in this evolving profession. Technological changes in the workplace and new demands for cross cultural negotiation abilities have created a need for a new skill set in the world of selling.
Price: $129.00

Qualities of Success

Ziglar's Qualities of Success was created with a focus on helping your people succeed.
Price: $19.99

Born to Win

25 years after its conception Nightingale Conant and Ziglar have partnered to bring you Zig Ziglar's signature seminar, Born to Win, on CD and DVD!
Price: $149.00

Be Your Best You

In Be Your Best You Julie explains that regardless of your circumstances there is one undeniable freedom; the freedom to choose your attitude toward those circumstances.
Price: $39.95

So, You're New to Sales by Bryan Flanagan (5 CD Audio Book)

Selling is an honorable profession. Sales professionals are held to a higher standard than other professionals. Why? Because salespeople are trained in the skills of persuading and influencing. Therefore, they must hold themselves to the highest ethical standards.

Price: $24.95

Making It Happen

What qualities define a leader? How do individuals gain positions of leadership?
Price: $40.00

The Teacher Trap CD

Bob Alexander believes there are five major players in the educational puzzle: The Student, The Parent, The Teacher, The Administrator, and The Government. Take a close look and you will see the teacher is trapped in the middle of many opposing forces yet still do the job.
Price: $40.00


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