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Sales Can Help You In Your Career

Sales Can Help You In Your Career

One of the advantages of being in sales is the opportunity to set career goals and achieve them with stunning success.  In this tough economy, it is comforting to know that it is still possible to move up the organizational chart – and the sales department is a great place to start.  Salespeople consistently move into the executive suites.  I believe this is going to be even more prevalent in the future than it has been in the past because of the increasing depth and breadth of skills the successful entrepreneurial salesperson must acquire. 

As a group, we must be creative and open as well as flexible in our thinking.  Traditionally, salespeople have had to come up with a creative way to solve problems almost as they have made their presentation and have had to adapt to fit the prospect’s needs and desires.  This training is perfect for the executive office.

But it doesn’t happen by just showing up every day.  We have to prepare and plan for our success in life.  We have to understand the power in setting a goal and to know how to properly set that goal.  Then we can daily learn and train to better prepare ourselves for when the opportunity presents itself.

As salespeople, we encounter people at every emotional level–when they’re happy, excited, and enthusiastic; and when they’re irritated and down in the dumps.  We learn how to deal with the extroverts, the introverts, the procrastinators, the optimists, the pessimists, the detail-oriented, the impetuous, the loudmouths, the big shots, the egomaniacs, and a host of others.  This is tremendous preparation for a spot in the executive suite, and the better we get at those “people skills,” the more likely we are to move into the upper echelons of management.

In sales, we learn to persuade people to our way of thinking rather than order people to do the things we want them to do.  Effective persuaders are going to be in great demands for leadership roles.  After a period of time, persuasiveness and creativity become second nature.

Obviously, we must know how to persuade others if we’re going to convince people to buy, and these skills transfer to corporate headquarters.  Considerable skill is required to encourage people to persuade them that even when they feel their idea is best, once that idea has been rejected and someone else’s inserted, the good, ambitious employee will lay aside personal whims and cooperate for the good of the team. And believe me when I say this task requires great persuasion skills!

Successful salespeople are excellent managers.  They have to manage time, territory, personal habits, and life in general. The better they manage their lives, the better they will be able to manage their business.  A career in sales prepares you for an exciting future.  Begin preparing for your exciting future today.

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