Embrace the Struggle
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 Zig Ziglar has always inspired audiences and readers to do, be and have more by personal example. At a time in life when most his age have long ago retired, Zig Ziglar finds possibly his most important work still ahead of him. His willingness to be transparent and open about how he is embracing his struggles with a brain injury and positional vertigo, the results of a fall down the stairs in his home, will endear him even further to those who have looked to him for wisdom and direction in the past, and it will challenge those who might be tempted to hide behind the frailties of their health or the challenges of their circumstances to take positive steps toward living life fully and gracefully in a way that honors God, benefits themselves, and others.

In this motivational book, Zig Ziglar continues to be an inspiring example of how to live life fully and with great purpose and his enthusiastic expectation for what is still to come jumps off the pages and into the hearts of those who feel they have nothing left to give, nothing worth living for, and nothing to look forward to. There is life where there is a struggle. Embrace the Struggle with Zig Ziglar and hang on….you’re in for the surprise of your life!

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Length: 204 pages

Copyright: 2009 Zig Ziglar

ISBN#: 9781439142196