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Purposeful Time Management

I have seen this question before (and questions similar to it), and when a young lady from the Washington area asked it the other day online, it made sense to share.  She asked it this way:

“When God gives me more than one project … how can I keep each one organized in a way that allows me to reach completion?

Unfortunate as it may be (or maybe it is actually fortunate), no matter how briskly and feverishly we wave our magic wand, extra hours don’t magically appear in the calendar just because we decide to dive into another project.

However, the magic does start to whirl around into amazing formations once we make a promise to ourselves to become intentional  –  intentional in the way we decide to use the 168 building blocks or hours of each week.  Before you start stacking up new tasks, activities, and projects, the best thing you can do for yourself is to step back and take an objective look at your calendar.  Ask yourself this important, yet simple question: “Do I really have time to fit something else into my schedule?”  If you do have time, that’s great, budget it in.

However, what I have found is that most people are over-scheduled, and the funny thing is (and this is probably just human nature), the way most people respond to being over-scheduled is to schedule even more things.  Take a lesson from time management pros. Before you allow yourself to plug into one more activity or project (no matter how socially acceptable it might be), find two things that you can unplug from.

Imagine if, overnight, the Extreme Makeover team came to your house and added an extra room to your home.  Think of the extra space and mobility it would give you.  If you take the time to unplug first, in essence, you do the same thing for your life. You create space. Space to build something that matters.

Time is at an all-time premium today, and while it may seem that everyone and everything requires more of it, the truth is we have only a limited supply; a limited supply of time to pursue our passions, our calling, and our purpose.  Is it time to begin your own renovation in order to make a real difference to the people, the organizations, and the causes that are most valuable to you?

Joel Boggess works to bring out the best in others.  He helps clients find purpose and calling in the workplace and beyond – the mission of 4 Points Coaching

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