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Double Duty for a Better Life

Most people will tell you they do not have enough time, yet, since the beginning of time all of us have had exactly 24 hours in every day.  Obviously, some people use their time more effectively than others.  When I have to wait in line at the bank, a license bureau or doctor’s office, I always take some business-related material to read. 

While on the road I do the majority of my work so that when I get home I can indulge in some of my pleasures in life, like a golf game or visiting with the family.  Another way I save time is by watching the local news on television while I am getting dressed or preparing for bed or packing or unpacking my bag.  Those are things I must do, so I do them while I get up-to-date news on the city in which I am speaking.  Often the news I hear can be incorporated into my talk.

I’m a Cowboys fan, since I’m from Dallas, but I’m unwilling to commit three hours just to watch a game, so I read, write, plan or get organized during the game.  Since the typical play lasts only about five seconds and there are an average of 120 of them during the game, that means that there are 600 seconds of action or ten minutes of actual playing time.  I get a lot done during a game. 

Of course, if friends or family are available, I would much rather spend the time visiting with one another as we watch our favorite team in action.  Think about your own life and profession, organize your time around as many “two-fer’s” as possible and you’ll be more effective and have more fun in the process.  Take that action and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP! 

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