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April 4, 2011 Edition 14


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Conviction Is The Key

By Zig Ziglar

The late Mary Crowley frequently commented that one person with a conviction would do more than a hundred who only had an interest.  Commitment is the key to staying the course and completing the project.  Conviction always precedes commitment.   When we're convinced as a salesperson that we are selling a marvelous product, our demeanor, body language, voice inflection, facial expressions - everything - communicate to the prospect that we fervently believe we're offering something of value.  Many times the prospect will buy not because of their belief in the product, goods or service, but because of the belief of the salesperson.  Our feelings are transferable.  Courage can be and frequently is transferred to the other person.  Convictions are the same.  The teacher who fervently believes in the message he or she delivers will persuade the student by the very depth of that conviction.  One of my favorite Mary Kay Ash quotes is, "Many people have gone a lot farther than they thought they could because someone else thought they could."  In short, their confidence, born of someone else's conviction, had enabled them to "make it."  Conviction comes from knowledge and a "feeling" that what we're teaching, doing, selling, etc., is absolutely right.  When we transfer that conviction to those in our sphere of influence, they and society benefit. Show me a person with deep convictions and I'll show you a person who's made a commitment to deliver those convictions to others.  Show me a great leader and I'll show you a person of deep convictions who is able to attract followers because of those convictions.  I'll also show you a person who is happy in what they're doing and far more successful than those who do not have those convictions.  Buy that idea; develop those convictions; make that commitment and I'll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!  Zig Ziglar is known as America’s motivator.  He is the author of 29 books and numerous audio and video recordings.  See him in action! 


Many people have gone a lot farther than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.  Mary Kay Ash

Dave Says

By Dave Ramsey

  Dear Dave, I have an opportunity to buy a landscaping supply business. The current owner said he made $250,000 last year, and he’s on track to make even more this year. There are three employees, and he’s asking $390,000 for everything. The building is included in the price, but the land would be either a lease or purchase. Do you have any advice for taking advantage of a situation like this without going into debt? John Dear John, I’m glad you’re looking at this venture with an eye on staying debt-free. There would be a lot more small business success stories if all entrepreneurs thought this way! One of the things you could do is work a deal where you take over management of the company and have an option to buy over time. You would pay the owner a percentage of the net profits, which would go toward your ownership. You’d take out enough to live on, but everything else would go toward your purchase of the company. You said the guy is asking $390,000, but how do you know it’s really worth that much? He told you he “made” $250,000 last year. Was that how much he carried home? Or was that what he grossed? How much is he paying those three employees? Do they have contracts, or could you let them go? I mean, he could be grossing $250,000 and literally taking nothing home, or the expenses could be $350,000 and the business wouldn’t be worth anything. There’s just a whole lot more you need to know before you do this deal. As far as the building is concerned, I’d say no to the idea of owning a structure on someone else’s land. I’m not paying him for his building unless the dirt comes with it. You can rent the building and land from him after you become the business owner. I’d put the land and building in a separate deal, and lease them with an option to buy later – after I purchase the business. By doing this, you just lowered the purchase price of the business considerably because you took the building out of the equation. Is the business paying him rent for the building and land now? If this guy isn’t charging any rent against his calculation of net profit, then the figures aren’t realistic. It’s also not realistic if he’s not paying himself anything to manage and run the business. The bottom line is this: be smart, and do your research before you make a move on this one! Dave Dave Ramsey is the author of Financial Peace and host of a nationally syndicated radio show.  He has information for how to run you business debt-free.  For more business financial information from Dave, click here.

Success 2.0

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What's New at Ziglar

The Direct Selling Women's Alliance Honors Zig Ziglar with Lifetime Achievement Award The Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA) is proud to announce the 2011 Celebration event (annual convention) to be held at the Westin Park Central Hotel in Dallas, Texas, on April 28 through May 1, 2011.   Along with keynote speaker, Julie Ziglar Norman, daughter of legendary Zig Ziglar, top producers and leaders in the direct selling profession will take the stage to share their knowledge and ideas on personal and professional development at this premier training and networking event. On Saturday, April 30, 2011, attendees and founders will present Zig Ziglar with a lifetime achievement award honoring his work in the direct selling profession which has contributed to the success of millions of direct sellers around the world. One of Zig’s famous quotes – “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” - represents what many believe to be the foundation of the direct selling profession. We invite you to click on the link below to learn more about this event! Consider joining us in Dallas for three days of learning, transformation, leadership training and more! ABOUT DSWA Founded in 2001, the Direct Selling Women's Alliance (DSWA) is a global organization dedicated to uniting direct sellers throughout the world who share a common desire of achieving personal and financial success. The DSWA serves the more than 59 million direct selling distributors around the globe. Its members are affiliated with one of the thousands of direct selling companies, which generate combined annual revenues exceeding $109 billion. The foremost provider of industry-specific information, resources, networking opportunities, products, training, and services, the DSWA is dedicated to supporting individual direct sellers as they build their home-based, independent direct selling businesses. To learn more about the DSWA, please visit The Direct Selling Women’s Association (DSWA) is a global organization dedicated to providing education, inspiration and resources to direct selling professionals and the companies and vendors that serve them.

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By Croft M. Pentz A good example can overcome a lot of bad advice.    People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.    If you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?    Influence is something you think you have until you try to use it.    We do more good by being good than any other way. Reprinted with permission from Tyndale House Publishing   This newsletter is published by Ziglar, Inc.  Visit us at

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