Motivational and Personal Development Training Company

Motivational and Personal Development Training Company

The Ziglar Way

Impacting more than a quarter of a billion lives

Ziglar strives to be the difference-maker in people’s personal, family and professional success. By doing so, Ziglar hopes to make a positive difference in America and the world. 

Based on the principles of founder, Zig Ziglar, the Ziglar Way conveys powerful life improvement messages that transcend barriers of age, culture and occupation. Delivered through personal development training and corporate training programs, the Ziglar Way has impacted more than a quarter of a billion lives.

The Ziglar Way—a philosophy is born

The personal and professional development strategies you discover through Ziglar are all built on or related to a basic philosophy.  A philosophy developed by Zig Ziglar more than 50 years ago.

A World War II veteran who grew up poor in Yazoo City, Mississippi, Zig worked in a succession of sales companies early in life. As his sales skills grew so did his interest in motivational speaking.  During speeches, his messages of hope, encouragement and faith showcased his way of life—forming the Ziglar Way.

Inside America’s #1 Motivational and Personal Development Training Company

How the Ziglar Way makes a difference

Taking action, common sense, fairness, commitment and integrity form the basis for this way of life.  And when you live by this philosophy you’ll live a balanced life while achieving significance at both work and home.  

All Ziglar programs focus on these key items—old and new. That’s why Ziglar programs from the past continually change lives while newly developed personal and corporate training programs at Ziglar remain consistent with this basic philosophy.

3 components for success

This way of life holds the keys to your success.  But it’s not a complex system you need to master.  No, the Ziglar Way involves simple to learn skills, easy steps and motivation. Plus to help you stay on track, programs include three basic parts, no one more or less important than the other two…

  • Will
  • Skill
  • Refill

Ziglar programs work because they cover these three parts. They inspire and motivate—giving you the will.  They teach you step by step how-to’s—giving you the skill.  Plus they deliver a continuous stream of motivation and retention devices—giving you the refill.   This combination keeps you on target to reach your goals in all areas of your life—especially during your most difficult moments.

Supporting the Ziglar mission, the free Ziglar newsletter offers motivational, personal and professional development tips. 

Two free monthly webcasts feature the most sought-after speakers in the country such as Tom Hopkins, Michael Pink, Denis Waitley and Tony Jeary. These speakers reveal secrets and cutting edge ideas on everything from sales presentations and personal development training to success and professional development.

In addition, Tom Ziglar writes Ziglar Pure and Simple, a blog that gives ideas on how to take the Ziglar philosophy and apply it to your everyday life.  And Julie Ziglar Norman writes Growing Up Ziglar, a blog in which Julie shares how growing up as the motivator’s daughter inspired her to make changes in her own life.

“Each of our speakers and trainers in their own personality and style represent the best of what I believe, that long term balanced success depends on character, attitude, and the skills to be effective.  Our team walks this walk.  They are true 24 Hour Champions…”—Zig Ziglar

Online worldwide, you’ll find Ziglar philosophy and ideas on numerous blogs, videos, websites, newsletters and Twitter posts. Zig Ziglar quotes appear on “most inspiring quotes of all time” lists and countless other places. The Ziglar website receives tens of thousands of hits from readers, seminar attendees, and Success 2.0 members. And 40 different countries view webcasts.

As trainers, Ziglar offers public seminars, custom-made educational workshops, corporate training programs and keynote speakers. Ziglar’s clients include thousands of small and mid-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Government agencies, churches, schools, direct selling companies, and non-profit associations.

Ziglar: The Next Generation

Brought up The Ziglar Way, son Tom Ziglar, daughters Cindy Oates and Julie Ziglar Norman, and granddaughter Katherine Lemons, believe in and live the Ziglar philosophy they teach and share each and every day. Because of this, they were a natural choice to add to the Ziglar Team. 

Each family member brings unique talents and experiences to the mix.  Their real-world knowledge from working both inside and outside of Ziglar; experience from starting in the lower ranks of Ziglar and working their way up to their current positions;  and training from college courses equipped them for the roles they serve today. These Ziglar family members now serve as part of the Executive Leadership Team. As a result of their contributions, Ziglar reaches and impacts far more people than ever before.

It is through this team effort that the Ziglar Way continues to be a life-changing experience, making a difference in people’s lives throughout the world.

The Executive Leadership Team

Assisting family members are three additional career employees, Jill Tibbels, Bryan Flanagan, and Kayla Mitchell rounding out the Ziglar Executive Leadership Team.

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